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Game Manual

Voice Indicator


Worried about skipping over voice lines? The speaker icon pulses when a voice is playing, and disappears once finished. Never miss a voice line again!

Message Log


Self-explanatory! If you wish to replay a voice line, please return to the game and mousescroll up instead (real-time rollback). This plays the line again in real-time, intact with character animations and sound effects. Much better than just reading from a line, right?

End of Line Indicator


For our fast readers! When this cute symbol shows up, this means all text has been displayed. You may wait for the character to finish speaking, or advance to the next line anyway. Voice acting won't be interrupted unless the next line also contains voice acting.

Still, I highly recommend waiting for the voice indicator to turn off; don't miss out on the hard work our voice actors put in!

System Voice


Select your favorite announcer out of our lovely characters! They each have very unique ways of speaking, so explore and choose the one you like! If you prefer the solitary nature of UI sounds, that's also an option.

Skip to Next Choice


Holding CTRL is so outdated; just right-click on SKIP and you'll jump directly to the next choice. Replaying is a breeze with this neat trick! Moreover, CTRL'ing can desynch animations; instant skipping is recommended for longer scenes.

CG Gallery and Music Box


View your favorite CGs and listen to your favorite songs without needing to hunt down scenes. What more can I say? :3

Real-Time Language Localization
Outfit Modifications


On-the-fly language options are great for bilinguals, language learners, and those who like to spice things up. Let me know what you think about the localizations; they're translated by hand!

The outfit modifications comprise of minor adjustments to a character's dress to make it more stream-friendly.


Rollback Functionality: Scroll through past text and replay the story in real-time. It even works on choices! Please don't abuse this, haha.

Full Voice Acting: This isn't a system function, but I'm darned proud to say it exists!

For those who prefer keyboard over mouse, a comprehensive set of keybinds can be found in the "readme.txt" file, located in the Empyreal Dawn game folder.

Hope to see you soon on the wonderous fields of Edyssa! The demo is free, so I'd appreciate it if you could let your friends know about it!


If you enjoyed playing the demo, please consider subscribing to our Patreon or purchasing Early Access on Steam! It'll make Chapter 2 and future chapters super-awesome!

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